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School Report Card Resources

Elementary Report Card

To communicate with parents and accurately report your student's progress, Derby Public Schools utilize a standards based system of reporting in grades K-5.
The Quarterly progress report found on Skyward each quarter shows end-of-the-year targets for each content area. These skills and standards are aligned with the Kansas Career and College Readiness Standards (KCCRS) as adopted by the State Board of Education. You will be able to see how your child is progressing on key skill indicators for each content area.

The classroom teachers will be analyzing student products and performance against the quarterly expectations for the grade level standards and finding evidence of learning using a variety of methods. Student progress is not determined by a mathematical average. Accurate reporting is based on the most consistent evidence over time as your child's academic skills develop along the learning continuum. The teacher's professional judgment will be key in the decision making process as they monitor classroom performance and determine instructional need.

The home-school connection is very important to your child's success. At parent-teacher conferences, your child's teacher will be able to share specific areas defined on the report card. We encourage you to ask questions if you are unsure of how your child is progressing. Additional resources for understanding the report card can be accessed through the links below.

Report Card

View the Standards

The following button will take you to the Kansas State Department of Education page that is devoted to the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards.




Secondary Report Cards

Secondary Report cards are available through family access on Skyward at the end of each quarter. Quarters are listed on the district calendar. Please contact your child's teacher for further information on your child's progress or the school's office to inquire about family access.