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Volunteer/Committee Opportunities

Oaklawn Elementary offers a variety of ways for parents/guardians and community members to get involved in our school through committees and volunteer opportunities. If interested in volunteering, please contact our school at (316) 788-8560 for building-specific opportunities.

Derby Public Schools utilizes a digital visitor management system called SafeVisitor. This comprehensive system enhances our school entrance security, streamline the check-in process and helps us be aware of everyone in our schools so that we can account for them in the event of an emergency. Click the SafeVisitor button to pre-register for your upcoming school visit or to learn more. 

Click "Read More" below to learn more about each committee including information regarding the contact person, frequency of meetings and representation.

Visiting Our School Soon? 

Pre-register for your upcoming school visit with SafeVisitor! Thank you in advance for your participation and support of our safety efforts. You are an important part of our school community. 

Pre-Register Here

Get Involved at Oaklawn Elementary

District Volunteer/Committee Opportunities

A list of committees open to parents/guardians and community members at Oaklawn Elementary are listed above. To view a list of Derby Public Schools committees open to parents/guardians and community members click the button below. 

District Volunteer/Committee Opportunities